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This blog post will never rank in search results. No matter how helpful it is to you, it will never be found in a query for information on artificial intelligence (AI).  


The goal of Google isn’t to provide you with helpful content, it is to give you what IT wants you to know, learn, and think. 

It’s called an algorithm. And you are living in the matrix. 

What was once the vast World Wide Web where content creators and individuals could share and express unique new ideas, explore and innovate, and expand their knowledge, has devolved into a strategically curated conglomerate won by a minority of partner websites and internally controlled AI. 

While I could spend all day lamenting the current state of internet search, putting aside entirely how it has affected me and Big Dog Mom personally, I want to spend the next few minutes addressing my grave concerns related to the rise of artificial intelligence. 

What does this have to do with big dogs, you ask?  We will get there, I promise.  

What is AI? 

First, let’s define what artificial intelligence is to ensure we are on the same page.

Artificial intelligence is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.  In other words, it is the science of making machines that can think like humans.

The operative word is LIKE.  To think LIKE humans.  

Ok. So where does this AI machine get its like-human information? 

From humans.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, let’s ask Google:

The Truth Behind AI and Why I Don’t Use It This blog post will never rank in search results. No matter how helpful it is to you, it will never be found in a query for information on artificial intelligence (AI).  

While AI is always learning and identifying patterns which affect its output, you can see here the primary method of training artificial intelligence is through web scraping and crawling existing content on the web. 

In case you are unfamiliar with these terms, here are brief definitions for both.

Web crawling is the process of looking for or discovering URLs (web pages) and links. This is something that website owners are very familiar with.  

It is how Google has historically decided which web pages to serve you in the search results, which pages shouldn’t be shown, and which links or webpages should be disavowed or ignored completely.  

Web scraping, on the other hand, is the act of extracting data or information from one or more websites.  

You may be wondering what the difference is between web scraping and quoting or using someone else’s information in your content.  

This is a great question because there is a critical difference between the two.

Quotes from another creator are referenced, cited, and linked so that there is no confusion about where the content originated.

In the case of AI, web scraping is done without any attribution given to the owner of the content. In other words, they outright steal it. 

AI is akin to stealing someone’s dog and then offering it free to any home

Just take a look at this query on “How to trim dog nails:” 

The Truth Behind AI and Why I Don’t Use It This blog post will never rank in search results. No matter how helpful it is to you, it will never be found in a query for information on artificial intelligence (AI).  

The entire space above the fold [this entire space used to be held by the top 10 webpages on the topic] presents the AI answer to the query.  In this case, it is a rudimentary step-by-step of the process of clipping dog nails.  

Pay particular attention to the lack of attribution for where the information came from. 

In many cases, the AI-generated answer is a direct quotation verbatim with no citation or author credit given. 

When you scroll down you see a narrow row with a few pink boxes with links to human-generated content that answers the query, another AI response, and then some sponsored content (ads) and related videos.  

The Truth Behind AI and Why I Don’t Use It This blog post will never rank in search results. No matter how helpful it is to you, it will never be found in a query for information on artificial intelligence (AI).  
The Truth Behind AI and Why I Don’t Use It This blog post will never rank in search results. No matter how helpful it is to you, it will never be found in a query for information on artificial intelligence (AI).  

You may have also recently noticed in the search results two of Google’s newest best friends, Reddit and Quora. No matter the query, they seem to dominate the SERPs (search engine results pages). 

Behind the scenes, at the same time, Google launched its Helpful Content algorithm update, it struck a $60 million deal with Reddit to enhance and train its Gemini AI chatbot.  

So while content creators were being told their content just wasn’t helpful enough, resulting in 90%+ traffic losses in many cases, Google began to serve up Reddit banter as the gold standard for helpful, factual information. 

Are you kidding me? Reddit?!

Like my son so wisely observed when he was 4 years old, “Siri doesn’t know anything. She just looks it up on the web!” At the time he was lamenting my husband’s suggestion to “just ask Siri,” but the same could be said for AI.  

AI doesn’t know how to trim dog nails any better than you do!  

If you ask the question, it will give you a lame summary of what IT determines the answer is based on the collective human content on the subject and what AI wants you to know.

It is your job to be discerning, dig deeper, and think critically. 

And never forget, behind every Google search result is a nudge in a particular direction. 

The smarter AI gets, the more power and control it has. Many experts, including the widely credited “godfather of AI,” Geoffrey Hinton, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Tesla, Twitter, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, have all spoken out about the dangers of AI, signing a petition with 30,000 people calling for an “immediate pause” to the development of more powerful AI systems.

Yes, AI has saved you from using your brain. But is that really what you want?

The Tempatation of AI

What happens to muscles that don’t work – they atrophy.  The same happens to our brains.  

I predict if the trend toward full-scale adoption and reliance on AI for creation, thought, and decision-making continues, by year 5 we will see the rates of early-onset dementia increase and the rate of overall intelligence decline.  

Because why wouldn’t they?  

If humans are no longer using the brain God gave them to think and create and serve, it will die. 

AI is everywhere.  

If you have a newer smartphone, AI is seeping into every feature you utilize and depend on, from photo color correction to writing your emails.

Every platform I use to run, my YouTube channel, my Dog Nailpro online course and community platform, and nearly every app or software I use, AI is shoved in my face; taunting me like the devil himself.

  • Come on, AI will make this easier.  
  • If you are struggling to come up with ideas, just use AI.  
  • Don’t know how to take photos or create an image for your content? AI can do it for you!
  • Want to write a blog post that will rank in search? AI can write the whole thing for you in 30 seconds.  
  • Not sure how to build it?  Ask AI.  After all, if you build it, they will come. 

As most succumb to the delicious temptation of a permanent mental vacation, I refuse to board that train (when given a choice).

What Does This Mean For Big Dog Mom™and Dog Nailpro™? 

I will not utilize AI for any part of my work – from idea generation to published content.  

When you read or view my content, you can trust that it is real, genuine, and created 100% by me, for you, slobber, and all.

Big Dog Mom with Mastiff - Why I Won't Use AI for Big Dog Mom
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I realize not all content creators have taken this stand.  

Many outstanding creators I know now use AI to help them with idea and content generation, touting increased efficiency as one of the primary reasons.  

In this age when content is obsolete in less than 24 hours on some platforms, I certainly understand the sense of urgency to have a steady stream of content on the ready. 

This post is in no way a judgment or criticism of any creator or the decisions they make for their own business. 

Though my profitability will inevitably suffer, I am not interested in social media, submitting to algorithms, or joining the rat race for views and likes.   

I just don’t care about any of it. And certainly not enough to support a malevolent monopoly of stolen content used to propagate it. 

What I care about are you and your big dog(s). That’s it. 

Why I don't use AI for Big Dog Mom blog

I want to be here, providing you with the very best, most reliable, up-to-date information and resources that will help you and your dog live your best life together. 

Through this blog, the YouTube channel, the Big Dog Weekly Newsletter (if you aren’t subscribed, click here), my Dog Nailpro™ course, coaching services, and hopefully soon, dog training classes, I want to serve you in a way that is consistent with my values and by my standards.

I truly don’t care what other content creators are doing. What the “experts” say I should be doing. Or how many people mock the stand I am taking against AI as prudish or old-fashioned. So be it. 

The truth is unless more people opt out of AI, refusing to participate or use it in any way, it will continue to infect the digital universe as the revolting cancer that it is.  

The Future

It shouldn’t surprise me how quickly people have ushered AI into their lives.  

After all, it was less than four years ago when so many gleefully worked from home and dutifully wore their dirty masks. Stay home, stay safe we were told, right? 

However, then and now, I am left feeling deeply, deeply concerned.  

How long before we step straight onto Animal Farm and forget the days when human innovation and hard work blessed our lives?  

How long until we become the lazy WALL-E people riding around in hover carts drinking Big Gulps with a screen in our faces?

These trends will reverse when you and I say, “No more.” 

Many may declare my stand against AI, collectivism, and screens as futile. Perhaps it is. 

I am but one Big Dog Mom. I live a simple life with simple values.

I believe there is no honor in stealing intellectual property from others, even if the theft is masqueraded as “AI-generated content.”

I do not believe this world being centrally controlled by Forums, telescreens and AI is inevitable. I believe it’s a choice.

I choose to run this race on my own terms, with courage, consistency, and integrity as my guide…. and with a dumbphone in my pocket.

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