Tired of the anxiety and stress of trimming your dog’s nails?

if you are looking for a force-free, fear-free, frustration-free method for trimming dog nails… this is for you!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your dog runs out of the room at the sight of the Dremel or nail clipper. Your dog pulls his or her paws away when you touch them or attempt to trim nails. Your dog exhibits other signs of stress or calming signals such as panting, avoidance, lip licking, sniffing the ground, or biting.

What if you could…

Ask your dog, “Do you want to get your nails cut?” and he comes running to you with excitement and joy?

Or sit down with your Dremel and treats and have your dog thoroughly enjoy the next few minutes with you trimming his nails?

What if nail trims could be enjoyable? A time when the relationship between dog and owner could grow closer together through mutual trust and improved communication?


Dog Nailpro™

The proven step-by-step training course for confidently trimming dog nails without force, fear, or frustration. With my unique Dog Nailpro™ Method your dog will go from running at the sight of the Dremel to drooling over it!

Dog Nailpro

Here is what you get:

  • The step-by-step Dog Nailpro™ Method is delivered in 7 modules dripped live and on-demand for 10 weeks.
  • Unlimited and lifetime access to all course content.
  • And so much more!!!

This course is for you if:

  • You are ready to prioritize your dog’s nail health with all other aspects of care. You recognize that the length of your dog’s nails DIRECTLY impacts his physical and mental health and it is YOUR responsibility to trim them.
  • You are committed to investing the time necessary each day (5-10 minutes) to work with your dog.
  • You want your dog to drool at the sight of the Dremel, not run from it.
  • You want to learn the Dog Nailpro™ Method and agree to end forced nail trims forever. You are ready to invest in this training and believe learning how to trim nails in a stress-free, force-free way will benefit you and your dogs immeasurably for the rest of your life.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You do not have 5-10 minutes each day to work with your dog.
  • You believe forced nail trims (restraint, coercion, punishment) are acceptable and necessary.
  • You prefer to send your dog to a dog groomer knowing your dog’s nails will never get to the proper length through outside nail trims alone. This is ok with you.
  • You do not want to financially invest in learning how to trim dog nails the right way.
  • You do not believe your dog needs his or her nails trimmed.
Dog Nailpro if you are looking for a force-free, fear-free, frustration-free method for trimming dog nails... this is for you!

Meet your teacher

Stephanie is the award-winning blogger of BigDogMom.com and founder of the Dog Nailpro™ Method, with decades of experience as a dog owner, over 30 years of which has been devoted to health, nutrition, and behavior of dogs.

Over the last 21 years, I have honed and perfected the Dog Nailpro™ Method which was born out of my personal experience with my first Mastiff, Maya. Requiring two people to hold her down, nail trims were painful, bloody, and traumatizing. I knew there had to be a better way… and I found it!

My unique, proprietary method for trimming dog nails coupled my decades of experience and knowledge of canine behavior and training with the science of dog nails. Proven to work with even the most fearful dogs, the Dog Nailpro™ Method requires just a small amount of time each day and patience.

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