Searching for Raw Feeding Answers

“I have been thinking about raw feeding my dogs, but I’m just not sure where to begin or if it is safe.”

If you are like most dog owners, this thought has crossed your mind once or twice.  In fact, if we look at this Google trend data from 2004, the volume of people searching for “raw feeding” has almost quadrupled!  And if you tease out the United States, the increase in dog owner interest in raw feeding over the last three years is striking.

Whether your interest raw feeding is a mere vague curiosity or steadfast determination to get off the kibble train, what these data show is that you are not alone.

Raw Feeding is NOT Rocket Science

After writing several articles on the topic of dog food and raw feeding, I have come to realize there is a significant gap in the marketplace for simple, actionable information for dog owners who are considering a transition (or partial transition) to a raw diet for their dogs.

As I stated in my last article, Raw Dog Food: The Myths, Facts, and Future of Raw Feeding for Dogs, the market is made up of essentially two camps; kibble feeders and raw feeders.  I would argue that at least 80% of dog owners (and 100% of my Big Dog Mom dog owners thank you very much), care deeply about the quality of the food they are feeding their dog.  So whether they are choosing a “high quality” kibble, a fresh, natural diet (raw, home cooked, commercial raw, etc.), or some variation of the two, dog owner’s care and want to choose the very best food they can afford to nourish their canine companion.

Unfortunately, finding information that doesn’t confuse, over-complicate, or belittle a dog owner who is researching raw feeding for the first time is hard to come by these days.

Well, that is, until now.

Raw Feeding 101

I met Scott Jay Marshall II, a.k.a. Dog Dad, last year through his Facebook group, Raw Feeding 101 – Learn to Feed Raw and have been impressed by not only his knowledge about raw feeding, but his supportive and inclusive approach with which he runs his business.

Scott is a veteran raw feeder of two beautiful German Shepherds, Horus and Wolken, and has dedicated his life to empowering fellow dog owners by teaching them the basics of raw feeding.

Because many of you may be unfamiliar with Scott, I decided to leap waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone, and put my interview with him on video.   I would LOVE to know what you think about this format for Big Dog Mom.

Raw Feeding Resources & Mentions

Raw Feeders Guide To Preventing Cross Contamination

Raw Feeder’s Guide to Preventing Cross Contamination:   In response to the overwhelming number of dog owners who are concerned about bacteria in raw food, I created a one page PDF with some simple, actionable tips for a safe and sanitary raw feeding home.  Once you SUBSCRIBE to Big Dog Mom you will receive this FREE guide via email.

Raw Feeding – This is the link to Scott’s beginner course for new raw feeders.  Take advantage of his special 50% off discount until April 19th, 2018.  While I am an affiliate for the course, I NEVER recommend anything I wouldn’t buy or use myself.

Dog Dad Official on You Tube:  Scott has a plethora of raw feeding videos and does a weekly You Tube LIVE on Tuesday evenings where he answers questions from viewers.

16 Ways to Save Money Feeding Raw – Learn How to NOT Spend A Fortune on Raw Feeding

Follow Scott on Social Media:

Facebook:  Raw Feeding 101 – Learn to Feed Raw

@DogDadOfficial on Instagram and Twitter

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