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My goal with Big Dog Mom is to host a platform from which all big dog owners can learn and share in order to improve the lives of their pets. One method of doing this is to survey you, my fellow big dog friends.

Your participation in these surveys is vitally important to me and to the entire Big Dog Mom community as it allows each of you a vote in the content you obtain here.  I promise to take action on the feedback you provide and to post the results of each survey within a week of the survey close.  In the future, I will be offering goodies of sorts to those who participate, so please don’t miss out on that!  Stay tuned..

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Big Dog Sports Survey

The goal of the Big Dog Sports Survey was to assess what sports and activities big dog owners are most active and interested in and why.

The survey was open for two weeks and collected 122 responses via a shared link on Facebook and an embedded link on Big Dog Mom.  The results were very interesting, so thank you to those of you who contributed.


What Breeds of Big Dogs Do You Currently Have?

The breeds represented in this survey ranged from Mastiffs, Great Danes, German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers to Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and numerous other pure and mixed breed dogs.
Dog Sports Survey Q1

Which Dog Sports Or Activities Do You Participate In?

This question I thought was interesting.  I will say this is a very accomplished group of dog owners!

Dog Sports Survey Q2

Top certifications and titles of 74% of the dogs were in conformation, therapy or service, and obedience.  Nearly a third (27%) of respondents actively participate in obedience and only slightly less (23% and 22% respectively) in nose work and agility.  Barn hunt, nose work and service and therapy work top the list for big dog owners’ future plans.  And, while 82% of respondents have never participated in it, field trials, top the list of activities big dog owners want more information on.  They are also interested in service and therapy, nose work, lure coursing and barn hunt.

Which Dog Sports Do You Participate In Most Frequently?

Dog Sports Survey Q3It is not surprising that the sports with which dog owners have the most titles and certifications from are the same ones which are participated in most frequently.  Practice makes perfect right?  Or is it the Rule of 10,000 hours?  Obedience, agility and conformation are the top three (69%) dog sports that big dog owners participate in the most.

What Is Your Biggest Challenge To Participating In Dog Sports With Your Dog?

To all the dog sport trainers out there, pay attention to this one.  Big dog owners say time and cost of dog sports and activities are somewhat of a challenge for them.  The proximity and availability of trainers represent a significant challenge for 41% of big dog owners and somewhat of a challenge for 72%.

Dog Sports Survey Q4



WHY Do You Participate In Sports And Activities With Your Big Dog?

I love this one!

The top reason big dog owners say they participate in dog sports is to improve the connection they have with their dog.  I know for me this is absolutely the case.  Whether I am in an obedience or nose work class or gaiting around a ring in a dog show, I am feeling the connection I have with my dog.  There really is nothing like it in my humble opinion.

These results are weighted and shown in descending order.  The other reasons big dog owners gave for participating in dog sports were social benefits, learning new training techniques, getting much needed exercise and enjoyment of the competition.

Dog Sports Survey Q5


Have You Ever Taken An Online Course For Dog Sports?

I was surprised to see that 30% of respondents had participated in some sort of online continuing education or training.  As I am considering an online class in nose work for Junior and Sulley, this opportunity excites me.

Dog Sports Survey Q6

It is especially exciting for the owners who mentioned having challenges preventing them from being more involved in dog sports with their dogs or those (13%) who weren’t aware of the possibility of online dog training.

Are You A Trainer Or Dog Handler?

Dog Sports Survey Q7

Would You Be Willing To Share Your Expertise With The Big Dog Mom Community?

Dog Sports Survey Q8

A HUGE thank you to those trainers and handlers who offered your insights and expertise with the Big Dog Mom community. I will be reaching out to you in the near future!

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