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My goal with Big Dog Mom is to host a platform from which all big dog owners can learn and share in order to improve the lives of their pets. One method of doing this is to survey you, my fellow big dog friends.

Your participation in these surveys is vitally important to me and to the entire Big Dog Mom community as it allows each of you a vote in the content you obtain here.  I promise to take action on the feedback you provide and to post the results of each survey within a week of the survey close.  In the future, I will be offering goodies of sorts to those who participate, so please don’t miss out on that!  Stay tuned..

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The Big Dog Owner Survey was designed to assess general demographics and owner’s use of social media to obtain information on behalf of their beloved pets.

The survey was open for two weeks and collected 200 responses via a shared link on Facebook.  The results were eye opening, so thank you to those of you who contributed.


How Many Dogs Do You Own?
How Many Dogs Own122 respondents have between 1-3 dogs.  A whopping 74 out of the 199 who responded have 4 or more dogs!  That represents a little over 37% of the total.  I thought I was busy!
What Breed(s) Do You Own?
Well, it’s pretty safe to say I am entrenched in the mastiff community.  86.4% of the respondents to this survey own at least one mastiff.  Rounding out the top 8 were the Labrador or golden retriever, German shepherd, bullmastiff, great dane, boxer, Newfoundland and rottweiler.  The results shown here represent any of the large/giant breeds who had at least one owner.  In addition, many folks also listed other breeds such as Dogo Argentino, Bouvier de flanders, numerous large breed mixes and too many French and English Bulldogs to count.Breeds Owned
Do You Have Children Living In Your Home?

I fall into the minority here, with two young (10 & 7) children living in my home.  Whether you do have children in your home or not, most of us think of our big dogs as members of our family just the same.  One of my greatest joys in life is sharing with my children how to love, train and care for a big dog the way my mother taught me.  Their education is my responsibility and I take that very seriously.

What Would You Say Are Your Top Areas of Interest As It Relates To Your Dogs?

This was one of the most eye opening results of this survey.  My guess is if I ask this same question 6 months from now with the same group, the results may change a bit.  As my audience grows and shifts over time I would expect these results to change as well.

Future surveys will hone in on each of these in more detail to better understand, for example, what about HEALTH is of greatest interest.



With Regard To Your Use Of Social Media, How Often Do You Seek Information About Dogs From The Following Sites?

Here you can see that, from left to right, the order of how often each social media platform is used for obtaining dog-related information.  I was not surprised to see Facebook ranked as the most frequently used platform, however these data may be skewed a bit due to the method with which I promoted the survey (only on Facebook).  Over time Big Dog Mom will have a presence on many of these platforms, so I greatly appreciate knowing where to prioritize my time.

With Respect To Your Use Of Social Media, What Would You Say Are The Primary Drivers Of Your Use As It Relates To Your Dog?

With respect to WHY folks are going to each of the different social media platforms, Facebook is the only platform that is used to any significant degree for BOTH information and entertainment.  In fact, 72% of big dog owners used Facebook for both information and entertainment, and 15% said Facebook was their primary source of dog-related information.  Pinterest ranked second with 11.4% of big dog owner using the platform for both information and entertainment.  Instagram was used purely for entertainment by 13.5% of big dog owners.  In future surveys I will be sure to include Google+, as I realize that platform was a huge omission from this question.  I apologize to all you Google+ users!

Breed Club Member?

Split equally between those big dog owners who belong to their national breed club and those that do not.  With my audience being very heavy in the number of breeders, breed experts and handlers, I am not surprised to have so many that are active with their national breed club.  As my audience grows, my guess is the percentage of club members will decline from the simple fact that the majority of my big dog friends (outside of social media) sadly don’t always consider their breed club as a resource available to them.

Where Do You Go For Advice Or Information When You Have A Dog-Related Question?

These data show that mentors and breeders, followed by Veterinarians and Breed Forums, are the most highly sought after sources for advice and information for big dog owners.   84.5% of big dog owners ranked their mentor/breeder as first or second.  Veterinarians came in slightly lower with 63.6% of big dog owners seeking them out for information and advice.  

My guess is for many people the answer to this question would depend on what type of information they were seeking.  For example, many people will go to their breeder/mentor for training and behavior related questions but their Veterinarian for health related concerns.

Lastly, my hope is that the poor, sad BLOG listed dead last, will rise in importance over time as the Big Dog Mom community grows. 🙂

Are You A Breeder?

Half of respondents in this survey said they are simply loving big dog owners, and the other half fell into the breeder or soon-to-be breeder category.

I am encouraged by the breakdown here and am hopeful Big Dog Mom will be a place where both will come together to share advice and information for the betterment of all big dogs!!

Would You Be Interested In Offering Your Breed Expertise?

Out of 112 respondents, a whopping 50 very generous breed experts offered to share their expertise and insight to the Big Dog Mom community!  I am so excited by this and can’t wait to begin reaching out to them and sharing the wealth of their knowledge with all of you in the future!  


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