Junior Baby Puppy 1 Week Old

The Blessing Of A New Puppy

Drum roll please…. This post is dedicated to the newest addition to our family, the MOST irresistible puppy on the planet, Junior.

Junior is a fawn mastiff puppy out of GCH CH Jadem’s Big Bang “Sheldon” and CH Walnut Crest A La Mode for Jadem “Ally.” His AKC name is Jadem’s Bigger Bang and that is just how the story begins….

After many years of waiting for a Jadem Mastiffs puppy, we got the call about two weeks before Thanksgiving that Junior had come available.   He was 4 weeks old and a dream come true.

Even dreams need a dose of reality and common sense.  Before making a final decision, I wanted to meet Sheldon and Ally and, of course, little Junior.

Junior Baby Puppy 3 Weeks
Map From Arizona To Idaho

A New Kind Of Black Friday

So, when millions of “normal” Americans were shopping for deals on Black Friday, I packed my entire family into my little Chevrolet Malibu and drove 15 hours from Scottsdale, Arizona to southern Idaho.

As is often the case, long drives are fantastic opportunities for introspection, reflection and daydreaming. My beautiful daughter had been struggling academically and personally since August. And I was in the process of making some major life changing decisions about my career.

Thanksgiving of 2016 brought us the blessing of new friends, a new puppy and life changing decisions.

Meeting Jadem Mastiffs

We arrived at Jadem Mastiffs at 9:30am Saturday morning. We pulled up to the fence and were greeted by Sheldon and Ally (Junior’s sire and dam) as well as several of their other dogs. During initial introductions, I tried to pay close attention to all of the dogs’ temperaments, in particular, Sheldon and Ally.  I could not have been more impressed.

Ally exhibited very breed typical behavior at first. With strangers entering her yard, she barked a couple times and observed us for a minute or so before accepting us. Within a few minutes she was cuddling next to me and giving me slobbery mastiff kisses.

Sheldon, on the other hand, acted as though we were long lost friends. His temperament initially was very similar to our Sulley’s; more like a Labrador than a mastiff.  Sheldon was an enthusiastic, friendly boy who wanted nothing more than some petting and attention.

Sheldon Junior's Sire Mastiff
Junior's Dam Ally
Junior Big Puppy 6 Weeks

Fun With Puppies

We spent the better part of the next four glorious hours playing with Junior and his half-siblings.

Junior was absolutely everything I was looking for: affectionate with a desire to be petted and cuddled as much as he wanted to play, curious and unafraid of new experiences and people.

I was already convinced he had the structure and pedigree I was looking for based on pictures, videos and all of my conversations with Tina and Todd. This meeting was to assess his and the other dogs’ temperaments primarily. Because he was only 6 weeks old, I didn’t do any formal temperament test on him. I just wanted to observe his reactions to new places (outside) and people (us).

With the horrendous winter weather in Idaho, he had only ventured outside a couple times before we met him. So I took the opportunity to bring him outside alone at first, then with a couple of the other puppies, to see how he tolerated the new experience and how he interacted with us and the other puppies. It was as if he had done it a million times before. He trotted around and curiously checked every corner of the yard. He was happy and playful, wanting to split his time equally between investigating his surroundings and playing with us.

Junior was everything I prayed he would be, and more!

Junior And Mastiff Puppies

Decisions, Decisions

Solid in our decision to take Junior, my husband and I spent the next several hours to Salt Lake City and the entire next day, through two massive snowstorms and veeeeerrrry slow traffic on the drive home, planning the next exciting stage in our lives.

Junior Arrives Home

My children and I headed back up to Idaho on December 26th to pick up 10 week old Junior. Approximately 15 hours up and 16 hours back in two days. Yes, you can say it. I am insane. It was the adrenaline and excitement I think that enabled me to do it. My daughter kept Junior company in the back of the vehicle the entire trip home.

Despite pooping on his blanket when we stopped for dinner and then peeing on his other blanket, Junior was a champ on the long drive to his new forever home in Scottsdale.

Sleeping Junior Big Puppy 10 weeks
Family And Junior Big Puppy 10 weeks

Just The Beginning…

Obviously, this is just the beginning of the story. Junior is 4.5 months old now as I write this post. In such a short amount of time Junior has experienced so many “firsts” it has been hard to keep count. Those firsts will the subject of many posts to come.

What I will say for now, is that he is off to a wonderful start and we could not be more in love with this little guy.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Jadem Mastiffs!

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